A Tendency To Please

by Dress Rehearsal

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released August 1, 2003



all rights reserved


Dress Rehearsal Rockford, Illinois

Dress Rehearsal was a band in the late 1990's to early 2000's that consisted of members including Aaron Goodin, Jared Cacciatore, Jeff Jenkins, and Stan Hulsey. They released a 6 song EP called Closed, Sealed, and Gone, and a full length called "A Tendency to Please". Enjoy... ... more

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Track Name: This is Only a Test
Struggling there in the night
And what seems so safe is only a lie
Lying there in the night
Seeing the same would only be right

Crying into the night
And what seemed so safe isn't alive
Finding out in the night
Seeing the same will only take time

To find the answers now
You will get lost
To ask the questions now
You will get lost

Right now this is complicates it all
In time I will forget it
Now I said it
Track Name: Fear of Subtraction
Here you waited now
Never stop look around
Many things flow
Your mind unravels
As your heart beats
You're hoping to find

Now you're lost and you're out of control
You're thinking of which way to go
Fear grips your face won't let you go
This might seem
Lied to

As your heart beats
You're running to die

And you think there's nothing there but you're wrong
Constantly feeling your minds made up
This isn't what you wanted was it

Try to kneel on your own
What flies through your mind
Can it be read
I think you shouldn't
Track Name: Slightly Stepping Sideways
Here we go again walking in circles with our heads
Looking for the truth or something somewhere in between
I hope we make up our minds

And it's all that I wanted to give
And it's all that I wanted to see

Digging in the ground to bring life what once was dead
Can't seem to follow
Directions leave
Wallowing in life worth living, maybe

And it's all that I wanted to give
And it's all that I wanted to see
Being predictable
You always see
And saying

Do you wanna breathe in the air you're suffocating
Will you take that chance to see if you're alive

Fighting the end
Watching go down

Waiting and saying, the obstacle
Stating the hopeless and obvious
Track Name: To Hell With Your Standard
Wishing I can show you
This way talking down
All the good things

Intake life before you
Thinking; taking note
Of all the mistakes

To fall behind
And wait out loud
At all besides
Let breathe in time

I want to destroy
I want to step inside your mind
I want to destroy right now

I want to destroy
I want to take you out of line
I want to destroy it all

To fall behind
And wait out loud

At all
To wait
And see
The end
Track Name: Self Sufficient
So you think you're charming
And so beautiful
And you're so disarming
Taking all control
And you take your time and all

Your time and all
Your life and all

You ignore the obvious
You're left there all alone
And you take this garbage
And make it all your own
And you waste your time and all

Your time and all
Your life and all

And when you run and hide
So weak
You fake this world so flawlessly
And when you run away this time
All will see

Finally discouraged
Finally encouraged
Track Name: Around the Block and Back
So is that the way it goes
Run away from everything you know

You need answers for your questions
If you wait a while I promise they'll be here

Take a wild guess
The chances are against you
Fake a smile yet
No one knows the difference

It's like you're not even listening
People try, but you just walk
Screw that sympathy you're asking for
It's you that threw the first stone at yourself

You're lonely
Whose fault is that
Look around you it's closing in scared

Walk in
Hear them
Feel like empty
Talk like empty

Take a walk I've tried
Millions of lights
Dying to see
The darkness lives inside
To kill
Track Name: A Half Empty Bottle of Orange Juice
I saw you turn away
To see what's going
I tried to call your name
You were halfway gone
Looking after now
The door is closing
No one saw you die
I know I've seen you there

With your arms folded

A subtle kiss of pain
It wasn't harming
You slowly weakened now
Pieces of you fall
Who holds the control
Move without knowing
Thinking to yourself
I know I saw you staring
With your fists holding your pain

Why's it always me
Take these words and explain

Walking over you
Lying there with your hands full
Walking through the mess
The fun for tomorrow thrives in your dreams
Once you've waken
It's still there
This life you've taken on
There's no control
Let's see what's going
I'll see you turn away
Track Name: A Slave to Circumstance
Arms tied
The ways that we've gone
Nothing stands in our way

Fake life
It's all that you're after
Feeling never of shame

And you cried to me
Like you want it to be
And you asked me to go
With you all the way to see

All night
You're the talk of the town
If you don't mind me asking
Track Name: Always Hanging On
Sifting through the ashes you'll find the heart

Now looking in the sand
To the end we'll see them fall
Space moving in our touch
Seasons when you spent, gone

Life diminishing
It's Fate, won't stop

Now looking to the hand
To the end I'll see it all
With ache tat moves the fond
See him moving on and on

As you break into the light
Find us even wishing that
Take it off to anywhere
Leaving life and you behind
Make the most of nothing now
Empty room is intertwined
Frozen eyes up to the blue
Always end with letting go
Track Name: Stiffnecked
Walking down to see
I look down when I see
Crowds around me
I believe, do I believe
It's something I've said with my own lips
To many times before

Looking down at me
I look up to see
There's no one there
But me, just me
It's something I've felt with my own life
Not many times before
And I see this light you're looking for

And I see his face on me
I fall to the earth as I try to breathe
You closed your eyes and let the pain inside

Stephen staring at the sky
I am not that strong
I was never that strong
Track Name: Somewhere Between Swearing and Jesus
Long, it's been so
Forever, it's taking
Dream, your only true
Face, can you tell by the expression of my

Walk as slowly as possible
Seems so far away almost impossible

There is where I should be now

And I thought it out
Eliminated what was wrong
And I've started now scraping away the excess
And I've tossed around ideas of giving up and walking away
But there's absolutely nothing more that I would want to do
So bring it on

Watch and stare if you wait you won't find it
Mystery, could it be what I was to be
Difficult, overbearing, relentless speech, and
Watch and stare if you look you should find it
Walk with me we'll keep ourselves from dying